Technical expertise for your Life Science projects.

With our experts experienced in GMP environment, we will provide you tailor-made solutions for validating, implementing, and staffing your projects.

Nuton group Experts get the job done

IT technologies, 3D printing, and much more

Our experts have a strong life science background but we encourage them to branch out so they can understand the benefit and difficulties for the life science industries to implement new technologies and/or to improve  & maintain current ones.

Out-sourcing services for more flexibility

We offer you a wide range of solutions from technical document writings to software development alongside data analysis services and 3D-prototyping (3d printing).

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Life Science & Technologies

With the new technologies and regulations, Life Science organizations need to be flexible and responsive.

Acknowledging that fact, Nuton group aims to provide, to these organizations, the opportunity to staff, manage and/or out-source their project.

We have the experts you need for computer system validation (CSV),  Commissioning & Qualification & Verification (CQV), Quality assurance (QA), LIMS administration, technical writing,  data analysis, IT development, training, technical project support, and technical project management.

We hire the best to offer you the best.


Nuton group is a Belgian technical consultancy firm, we provide you the right expert for your project.


Founded in 2017 by Jérôme Demeuse & François Crins, with the aim to provide the life science industry technical expertise in technological projects with a strong emphasis on quality.


The Nuton are dwarf-like creatures from the Wallonian folklore, they are in a lot of legends (still told to this day to children) and give their name to geographical places. One story tells how people will put broken tools with an offering near a cavern entrance, before nightfall, with the hope that a Nuton live there and that the next morning the tools will be fixed.

Now we have a website instead of a cavern.